The Challenges of Limited Access to Data

To scale up effectively, Service Partners must be able to manage multiple integrations efficiently, ensure interoperability and standardization, and balance the costs and benefits of growth in a complex and rapidly evolving market.

Limited Access Data Image Limited Access Data Image

Anonymous Data

When data is not personalized, data can no longer be used to provide services or experiences that are tailored to that specific individual. Service offers may not be as relevant to the individual's needs, reducing the overall value of services.

Poor User Experience

The utilization of one-way communication and low resolution data sets as well as anonymous data can diminish the level of personalization and customization in services, leading to a less satisfactory experience for the end user.

Fragmented Market

The multitude of proprietary systems in the fragmented automotive market makes it challenging for Service Partners to integrate their services seamlessly with OEM's. The development and maintenance of individual integrations with each OME is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and prone to errors.

One-off Integrations

One-off integrations can lead to a lack of standardization in the industry, making it more difficult for Service Partners to provide consistent and reliable services to their customers. This can result in a less seamless and streamlined experience for end users, who may have to navigate a complex network of integrations to access the services they need.

Costly Custom

With numerous OME's in the market, each with their own proprietary systems, Service Partners must often develop and maintain individual integrations with each OEM. This can be a costly and resource-intensive process, requiring significant investment in both time and money.

No scalable solution

Service Partners struggle to ensure that different systems and technologies work together seamlessly. This can create inefficiencies, duplication of efforts, and other challenges that can limit the ability of Service Partners to scale up effectively.

AidEN: Configurable
Real-Time Live Data

Ready for scalability: AiDEN Service Hub provides access to over 160 data sets of personalized and standardized vehicle data in real-time, improving the quality and customization of services across OEM brands.

The Aiden Solution The Aiden Solution

AiDEN allows Service Partners to launch and operate web apps to communicate directly with drivers through its user interface pipeline.

Reaching Vehicle Drivers and Owners Directly

Reaching Vehicle Drivers
and Owners Directly

Real-time access to vehicle data, enabling service providers to deliver better, more personalized services to car owners. From insurance to predictive maintenance, charging to parking, AiDEN simplifies service delivery and drives customer satisfaction.

1million data points per hour

1million data points per

10,000 times more data. pick and configure exactly what you need to power your services. Manage services dynamically, leverage over 160 available data points and context-sensitive triggers, personalize your service and communicate directly with the vehicle.

The Future of Service Delivery

The Future of Service Delivery

AiDENs Service Hub is a future-proof solution to deliver services to car owners, regardless of make or model. With real-time access to personalized data across vehicle brand and an easy-to-use Service Hub, service providers can increase revenue, and improve the overall customer experience.


Our solution ensures compliance with privacy regulations, allowing you to choose which digital services you want, who you want to share your data with and protecting your privacy

Streamlined Integration

Experience seamless integration of third-party digital services directly into your vehicle with AiDEN. Get the most out of your ride with effortless connectivity.

Tailored User Experience

Personalize your driving experience. Manage your services and select preferred options in real-time for the ultimate personalized driving experience.

Innovative Solution

Elevate your driving experience with AiDEN's software-only solution.
The off-the-shelf software takes minutes to install and enables infinite services in the vehicle.

Complete Access for OEMs

Manage and monetize services with the AiDEN HUB for OEMs. OEMs have complete control over managing, monitoring, and monetizing services in real-time.

Uncompromising Flexibility

Launch and operate web apps with the AiDEN HUB for service partners. Enjoy flexibility with specific signals, data frequency, and triggers to provide custom services.

Privacy Compliance

Ensure privacy protection with AiDEN's GDPR and CCPA compliance. Personalize your experience and stay compliant with our consent management feature.


Introducing the AiDEN Service Hub, an innovative in-vehicle experience designed to revolutionize your driving journey. With the integration of four essential services, AiDEN aims to deliver convenience, safety, and efficiency at your fingertips.

Vehicle Insurance

The AiDEN hub revolutionizes insurance management by offering personalized coverage, real-time monitoring, and instant claims processing, providing you peace of mind as you navigate the roads.

EV Charging

AiDEN seamlessly connects you to the nearest charging stations, ensuring your electric vehicle is always powered up and ready to go, while optimizing charging time and costs.

Contextual Service Offers

Experience a tailor-made in-vehicle ad experience with AiDEN's contextual services offerings. By understanding your preferences and location, AiDEN delivers relevant and non-intrusive promotions, helping you discover local attractions and deals.

Roadside Assistance

With AiDEN's 24/7 roadside assistance feature, you'll never feel stranded again. The service hub swiftly connects you to nearby support providers, offering prompt and reliable help for any vehicle-related issue you may encounter.

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